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Why Visit Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa is a popular tourist resort town located on the southeastern coast of Cyprus. It is renowned for its beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife, and historical sites. Recently, Ayia Napa has developed into one of Europe’s party hotspots, due to the vast amount of nightclubs and bars located there. Ayia Napa experiences hot, dry Summers and mild, wet Winters. The ideal times to visit are late Spring and early Autumn, offering warm weather and fewer crowds.

Ayia Napa

Known for its energetic and diverse nightlife, Ayia Napa has an array of bars, clubs, and beach parties that keep the town buzzing until the early hours. From laid-back beach bars to world-class nightclubs featuring international DJs, there's something for everyone looking to enjoy a lively evening out. Ayia Napa is home to some of the most stunning beaches in the world. With crystal clear waters and perfect sandy beaches, you can relax all day under the sun before heading out for the night.

An Ayia Napa Holiday is best suited for those looking for a party holiday. Whether it be a Leaving Cert Holiday, a Group Holiday or just a getaway with friends, Ayia Napa offers plenty of places to let off some steam and enjoy yourself under the sun!

To learn more about things to do in Ayia Napa, the best time to go and local info see here.

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Things to Do in ayia napa


  • Nissi Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Cyprus, known for its crystal-clear waters and lively atmosphere. It's great for swimming, sunbathing, and enjoying water sports.
  • WaterWorld Waterpark is a large water park with numerous slides, pools, and attractions suitable for all ages. It's a popular family destination in Ayia Napa.
  • Cape Greco National Forest Parkis, located just outside Ayia Napa, is a natural park offering stunning coastal views, hiking trails, and opportunities for birdwatching. The sea caves and cliffs are particularly scenic.
  • Enjoy boat trips and water sports like jet skiing, parasailing, and diving. They offer perfect opportunities to explore the coastline, finding hidden beaches, and discovering cool caves in the sea.


Ayia Napa's nightlife is vibrant and lively, offering something for everyone and is one of the main aspects of the resort. You can find plenty of bars, clubs, and beach parties where you can dance and enjoy music till the early hours. The main square and the Ayia Napa strip are popular spots for evening entertainment, with a relaxed atmosphere that lets you unwind and have a great time with friends or family.

Dining out

There are many dining options in Ayia Napa to suit every taste. From cozy local tavernas serving traditional Cypriot dishes like souvlaki and meze, to international restaurants offering everything from Italian pasta to fresh seafood, you can enjoy dining with a view of the sea or in the heart of the town's vibrant atmosphere. Many places cater to families, providing a relaxed dining experience that allows you to savour delicious food while enjoying the local hospitality.

For Families 

Ayia Napa is a great destination for families, offering beautiful beaches, family-friendly activities like water parks and nature trails, and a safe, welcoming environment. Cultural attractions such as the Ayia Napa Monastery adds educational value, while diverse dining options cater to all tastes. The town's warm hospitality ensures a comfortable stay, with plenty of entertainment options suitable for all ages, making Ayia Napa a memorable family getaway.


Ayia Napa is home to several stunning beaches. Nissi Beach is famous for its clear waters and pleasant atmosphere, while Makronissos Beach offers a more peaceful visit with tranquil coves perfect for families. Konnos Bay near Cape Greco is known for its picturesque cliffs and excellent snorkeling opportunities.


Shopping in Ayia Napa is a fun experience with many options. You can find local markets with handmade crafts, souvenirs, and jewelry, as well as boutiques and shops offering clothes and accessories.

Ayia Napa 2

Best Time to Go 

For a more relaxed time in Ayia Napa, the best time to visit is during the late Spring (May to June) and early Autumn (September to October). During these months, the weather is warm and pleasant and the beaches are less crowded. If you are going for party season, the best time to visit is during the peak summer months of July and August. This is when the town's nightlife is at its liveliest, with numerous beach parties, club events, and music festivals going on.

Local Info


Ayia Napa uses the Euro (€) as its currency, which is the same currency used in many European countries.

Time Zone

Ayia Napa is 2 hours ahead of Ireland.

Getting around 

Local buses in Ayia Napa provide affordable and convenient transportation to various parts of the town and nearby areas, with a central bus station making it easy to plan your journeys. Taxis are also readily available, whether hailed on the street, booked by phone, or found at taxi stands, offering a convenient option for short trips.