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Why Visit Paris?

Paris is widely considered to be the most wonderful, romantic and iconic metropolis on earth. For a chance to explore this superb destination book Paris package holidays from Ireland.

When Napoleon III delegated Baron Georges-Eugéne Haussman to redesign Paris in 1853 he started the creation of something indeed fantastic. The city we know nowadays, with its wide Boulevards like Le Champs Elysee, vast edifices and royal looking townhouses, was the idea of this visionary designer.

Once you decided to spend your holidays in Paris, make sure to include a visit at the L’Arc de Triomphe in your plans. From the top of this iconic stucture you can admire the august boulevards fanning out from this central point and the wonderful skyline of the city.

From the Eiffel Tower and the Trocadero to Sacre Coeur and Notre Dame, The Palace of Versailles and The Louvre, you will definitely have enough to do on Paris holidays.

Why not spend a morning browsing through the world-renowned Shakespeare & Co. bookshop, then walk alongside the Seine or enjoy the craziness of the Pompidou Centre. An evening could be spent in a contented wine haze in the Bistros of the Mouffetard area, or if you want to let your hair down, head for the Showcase nightclub under one of the Seine’s numerous bridges.

Paris lives up to its great reputation in nearly every way. It can be a mainstream excursion to Disneyland and up the Eiffel Tower with the children kind of trip, or a smoky, husky type of an experience into the café culture of Paris’ mega fashionable underbelly. Paris city breaks are totally what you make of it.

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Short Breaks to Paris


Things to do

Notre Dame Cathedral, Ile St Louis and the Latin Quarter Make sure to check out the world-famous Notre Dame Cathedral on your Paris city break and admire the Rose Window, the Statue of Joan of Arc and the panoramic view off the Seine and the city from the tower. Stroll along the major road on Ile St Louis, the island behind Notre Dame, for some window-shopping and sample the renowned Bertillon ice cream.

Seine River Cruises Take one of the boat trips along the Seine, sit back and unwind while taking in some of the most popular sights on the planet. All trips are on offer in various languages.

Climb the Eiffel Tower Although this landmark was not very appreciated by the Parisians at the beginning, it is nowadays the most visited paid monument in the world. Million of people flock there every year to take in the fantastic view from the top, which is really worth queuing. If you decide to go on cheap Paris holidays, make sure to have your camera ready when you arrive at the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Stroll Down Le Champs Elysee Such a beautiful street they even wrote a song about it. If you’re flush with the cash you can check out some of the fine boutiques selling haute couture, while if your budget is smaller just stroll down, soak up the ambiance and enjoy your Paris city break.

Have a Look in the Louvre One of the best collections of artwork in the whole world; the Louvre is a memorable adventure even for those who usually aren’t interested in art. The original Venus De Milo, a four thousand year old Sphinx and original artworks from Da Vinci and Michelangelo, will definitely impress you. If you want to see the real Mona Lisa, book a Paris weekend break straightaway.

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