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Welcome to Croatia

Croatia's beauty is completely timeless. Along its coastline, a glistening sea washes around the rocky coves, winding around pine-fringed beaches. Children dive into the sparkling water while Istrian ports bustle with fishermen. In Dalmatia, the cities night life is pumping amid ancient Roman ruins.

No Mediterranean cruise is complete without a stop in Dubrovnik. The country boasts a rich diverse culture, as a country that endured Roman, Venetian, Italian and Austro-Hungarian rule has a unique and slightly mish-mashed identity.The landscape is completely enchanting, although rarely visited. Hike through pristine forests watered by mountain streams in the west. During the many holidays and festivals the country’s soul emerges, as colourfully costumed dancers whirl about to traditional folk melodies. Croatia is well worth a visit.

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Things to do

Mljet Mljet is a lovely island off the coast of Dubrovnik. More than half of hte island is a National Park and it is beautifully kept. The main feature of Mljet are the 2 salt water lakes that are in the National Park. There is a well maintained path bordering the lakes that mkakes walking, running or biking easy and beautiful. Mljet is very laid back island with a very small population. You really feel like you are in unspoiled wilderness and this is helped by the communities commitment to conservation.

Museum of Broken Relationships Winner of Kenneth Hudson award 2011 for the most innovative museum in Europe. This original and cute museum holds belongings and stories of how couples broke up. You can laugh, cry or get identified with some items over there.

Croatian Outdoor Survival School Croatian Outdoor Survival School is a definite must when visiting Croatia. Skills learnt during the Survival Basic Course will be everlasting . Croatian Outdoor Survival School (COSS) is first naturvival and survival school in Croatia formed in 2008 by Boris Stermotic. One of COSS primary goal is to teach you how to survive and naturvive in the wilderness. A really interesting course that is perfect for any nature lover.

Oreb Club Sailing & Windsurfing School Center Oreb Club has achieved a reputation for knowledge and professionalism, based on its academic credentials and years of practical sailing and windsurfing experience. Children learn basic skills in the Optimist class, and 2 and 3 seat dinghies are used to further develop skills, while catamarans like the Hobie Cat 16 offer an even greater challenge. Oreb Club gives sailors and windsurfers of all experience levels an opportunity to become more competent and confident in their abilities.


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