Hotels are generally ranked in Stars and Apartments and Aparthotels in Keys. Our accommodation ratings are a guide that rank properties according to quality and are intended to serve as guidelines for guests who are making reservations. While these ratings can be helpful when making a choice of properties, there is no standardized worldwide rating system.

For example, the standard of a 3 star hotel is Dublin is far different from a 3 Star in Rome as ratings are determined by local government agencies or independent organisations, and they vary greatly from country to country. In fact, ratings can also vary from city to city within the same country, and even between accommodation in the same city. In other words, there is no uniform measure that determines a properties rating. Even though star ratings can seem arbitrary, they can still be beneficial and can help to inform you about a property and assist you with your selection process.

National consumer travel organizations, travel websites, accommodation suppliers, the property and guidebooks assign ratings to hotels and apartments, but each one uses its own set of criteria to determine the rating. We use the rating provided by our accommodation suppliers who would contract with the hotel and these are what we provide as guidance. Club Travel Limited ( also t/a Budget Travel ) will not amend, alter or refund any booking when requested by the customer, where the customer has found an alternative rating and request an upgrade, or refund or amendment as a result.