Tips On Making The Most Of Travelling Solo

By Laura Burke

People usually describe their first solo trip abroad as a near religious experience, with time to themselves to enjoy the surrounding environments, focus on where and what interests them, and to simply be alone with their thoughts. Travelling alone lets you fully indulge yourself in the country you’re visiting and is both liberating and rewarding. Go on that dream holiday without worrying about pleasing anyone but yourself, we can help you make it a once in a lifetime experience.



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The best way to make the most of your travels, to check everything off your bucket list, and to of course stay safe during your trip, is by researching ahead of time. Do research online, check neighbourhood guides and tourism websites, ask friends and family who have visited before what to expect, read reviews and find hotels to stay in which cater to the solo traveller’s needs. Planning ahead is ideal if you’re looking to get involved in activities such as surfing classes, volunteering or local tours. Booking activities in advance can help you save money and time as well as allowing you to get what you want out of your holiday.


Learn the lingo

We’re not saying you’ll need to master in Mandarin before embarking on your journey to China, but knowing the basics when visiting countries alone can come in handy, especially when you’re looking to veer off the beaten track. Knowing how to introduce yourself, order food, say yes to new experiences and absolutely not to others can be essential when travelling solo. Even if it’s not perfect, people will love that you’re making the effort!


Travel Light

When travelling with one set of hands you don’t want to be lugging around huge amounts of luggage and heavy bags, especially if you’re looking to travel between more than one location or don’t want to worry about who’s watching your stuff while you explore. Start with a bag that can fit in the planes overhead, with a little shoving and some tough decisions you can save yourself a lot of hassle down the line. Layers let you mix and match to suit any weather, valuables should stay in your pockets or on your person at all time and pepper spray is a must – trust us. We recommend something you can sling across your back when you’re running for that last minute train or admiring the view from the top of a mountain.


Keep in Touch

Not only is keeping in touch with your friends and family back home a great way to combat any loneliness you may encounter while travelling solo, but it’s always comforting to know that someone is keeping tabs on where you’re going and what you’re doing. With WiFi being freely available in many restaurants, cafes and hotels there’s no reason you can’t post the occasional holiday snap, skype your parents or keep your friends updated on what you’ve seen so far.


Don’t run out of money

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This may seem fairly obvious, but having no cash on you when abroad can cause serious issues, especially when you’re alone. When you’re travelling with others, cheap and dodgy accommodation may or hitching a ride may be a last resort solution that just won’t do when going solo. Keeping spare cash in the sole of your shoe, tucked in your sock, sewn into your backpack or hidden in your toiletry bag can really save you from some sticky situations.

Take photos and write down your thoughts

This is your own adventure and is something you’ll remember for the rest of your life, don’t forget how you felt in this exact moment. Keep a travel journal recording exactly what you did that day, who you spoke to and what you saw. Take selfies with all of the major monuments or photograph everything and anything you find interesting. Scribble drawings of things that interest you and write down the names of your favourite restaurants, bars and shops. These momentos are sure to get you through grey days once you’re back home.

Make friends and get out of your comfort zone

Being alone abroad can be daunting, even the bravest of us may resort to their shy side, especially in unfamiliar environments. If you want to meet people who are in similar situations then research hostels and hotels which cater for the solo traveller, seek out an Irish bar or strike up a conversation in your hotel lobby about recommendations for local activities. Being alone means you can drop plans whenever you want, once you feel safe then feel free to enjoy the company of any new pals you meet along the way.

Stay Safe

Safety is the number one concern when travelling alone, you’ve been badgered by friends and families about the endless disasterous and dangerous possibilities lurking around every corner when abroad by yourself, but now it’s time to face the reality of it. Stash your valuables on your person at all times, take only the cards which are absolutely necessary with you and keep them in different locations so you’re never stuck. Don’t give out personal information too easily, don’t tell new friends the hotel you’re staying in and when talking to strangers be sure to speak as a we, it may be silly but lying and saying you’ve a friend or partner with you can stop you seeming as vulnerable. Leave a do not disturb sign on your door even when out of the hotel and don’t be afraid to call on security at any time. This journey is about you, so make sure you’re not at risk and just enjoy yourself.

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