How to get through the Airport Hassle Free

By Stephanie Rumalay

Due to the unfortunate events that have happened recently in Brussels, people have become uneasy when it comes to airports and travelling in general. Going through security checks is an important process and can be a stressful experience for many people. Here are some tips on how to get through security checks faster and hassle-free.


Check documentations at least two weeks before departure

This obvious tip is something that most of us overlook. Check travel documents such as passports and ensure if they are still valid. Renewing Irish passports can take 2 or 3 weeks to process. The processing time may take longer at busy times of the year. If you are due to travel in less than 3 week and your passport has expired, you are advised to apply in person to the Passport Office and make an appointment.


Check in online and keep up with your flight status

Queues in the airport can be long throughout the year. Check in online the day before you’re due to travel and save time and hassle at the airport. Keep up to date with your flight status for notices of any changes.


Know liquid limitations in carry-on luggage


Air travellers are allowed to bring liquids on their flight but they must be in a 100ml container that is packed in a transparent, re-sealable plastic bag. Liquids that are more than the limit must be kept in the checked luggage or else the airport security agent will confiscate these products.


Consider checked-in luggage

For a hassle free holiday, consider purchasing checked-in luggage. If you are checking in bags, make sure to weigh them before you leave. There are many ways to weigh bags, but a small luggage scale won’t break the bank and will prevent your bags being overweight and costing you extra! Quick tip: When checking in luggage go to the security line at the very left, because more people are right handed they tend to gravitate to the right.


Keep your boarding pass and passport at hand

You don’t want to be pulling out your documents while standing in front of the security agent. Be prepared or take the documents out while you are in the queue. If not, you will end up prolonging the queue.


Be prepared and take off your jacket, belt, watch etc

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The fastest way to move through security checks at airports is to be prepared and have everything ready to be placed on the conveyor belt. Belts and jewellery will delay you so it is better to take them off while you are still in the queue, or pack them and wear an outfit without them. It is also advised to wear slip-on shoes while air travelling as shoes with shoelaces can cause a bit of a hassle to you and other passengers.


Don’t remove unnecessary items

It is quite common for us to automatically take out all our electronic devices out of our bags and in the baskets to the conveyer belt. It is not needed unless the electronic device is a size of a laptop or larger. Other devices can remain in bag or hand luggage. Just make sure that they are out of your pockets.



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Some passengers may consider taking the fast-track option and it can be worth paying for especially when you are checking in at busy times. At the Dublin Airport, fast-track costs €5.95 and also includes a copy of The Irish Times.


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