Clever Packing Tips to Beat Luggage Restrictions

By Laura Burke

There are two types of packers, those who shove everything in a bag the night before and those who have been packing since they first booked their flights and brought everything but the kitchen sink. Beat tricky luggage restrictions with our clever packing tips and beat those luggage restrictions every time.


Roll up your clothes

You don’t want to have to waste precious holiday time ironing out your crumbled pile of clothes, save yourself the hassle and roll your clothes up before you pack them to stop them from creasing. Rolling up your clothes when you pack also helps you save space in your suitcase so you can bring more or save space for purchases made abroad, handy!

Stop your makeup from smashing

We’ve all been there, we spend €30 on a powder only to open up our bag to find it’s smashed into a thousand pieces and is now covering everything we own. Stop this from happening by placing a cotton pad in between your powdered products and the lid of the packaging so it doesn’t smash. 

Avoid spills

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No one wants to open up their suitcase only to be met with the waft of coconut and a thick layer of goopy shampoo covering all of their clothes. Leave unessential liquids at home and save space by buying things like shampoo and toothpaste when you get there. When you are packing liquids make sure that you put them in a plastic zip lock bag to avoid any spillages during your flight. 

Pack essentials in your hand luggage

I’ve lost my luggage once before and it’s a nightmare. Make sure you don’t end up without any of your possessions in a different country and pack some of your clothes in your hand luggage. Take some swim wear, tops and bottoms in your hand luggage or mix your clothes with your travel companions in each other’s bags so that if one of your bags is missing, the other will have clothes for you both.

Weigh your bag

Don’t leave for the airport without weighing your bag, check what your baggage allowance is and make sure your bag is below that. Many airlines charge extortionate fees for every kilo that your bag is overweight, purchasing an inexpensive hand held luggage scales that you can take with you abroad is also handy so that you don’t have overweight luggage on the way home. 

Leave space in your suitcase

When you’re packing to go abroad make sure to leave some extra room in your suitcase for purchases you make when you’re away. Even if you’re not planning to shop, you never know what souvenirs you may end up buying, this way nothing will have to be left behind. 

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