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By Alex O'Dwyer

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This way to the sunshine ☀️⠀ 📸 @slowhand07 #AerLingus

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Planning a USA holiday brings so much excitement from the initial decision on where to go, to the activities that you want to do. Through all of this excitement you often forget about the long journey there and time wasted hanging around in airports waiting for your second or even third connecting flight to take you to your final destination.

Avoid the stress and wasted time that comes with indirect flights by flying direct to the US with Aer Lingus. As the most punctual major airline departing from Dublin and with direct flights available to over 11 destinations in North America, it is the smart choice to fly Aer Lingus.

Those flying to North America can now purchase the new Aer Lingus Saver fare enabling customers to travel light. One cabin bag, in-flight entertainment and an on-board meal will all be included in the fare with the option to pay for additional extras.

Check out some of our favourite destinations that you can fly to directly with Aer Lingus this year.



San Francisco is another great Winter Sun destination. This city is full of character and is home to the famous Golden Gate Bridge which is a must-see. Other must-sees on a San Francisco holiday include Alcatraz, Lombard Street, the cable cars and Pier 39 at Fisherman’s Wharf. The journey to San Francisco is normally made longer with stopovers on the way there but with Aer Lingus you can fly directly to San Francisco hassle free. Start planning your San Francisco Winter Sun Holiday with Budget Travel USA.


2. Chicago

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Share your photos with us #skydeckchicago!

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Chicago is the third largest city in the US and as one of the true jazz capitals of the USA it is an ideal place to visit on a city break. Fly there directly from Dublin with Aer Lingus for the city break of a lifetime. Catch a baseball game at Wrigley Field, take a selfie with the famous Chicago Bean, test your fear of heights in Willis Tower or see the world’s largest, most complete T Rex in The Field Museum. Make sure you try out a famous Chicago deep dish pizza and shop along the Magnificent Mile where you will find over 460 retailers. Book your Chicago City Break Holiday with Budget Travel USA.


3. Boston

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It's been more than 24 hours without #RedSox baseball and all we can think about is this place. #MyFenway

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Everybody loves a good city break and Boston is the perfect destination for one, especially with Aer Lingus direct flights available from Dublin and Shannon. As the oldest city in America it is full of history and is a thriving centre for culture and arts with galleries and museums across the city suitable for both adults and children. Sports fanatics will also enjoy a Boston holiday as it is home to the Red Sox in Fenway Park, the Celtics, and Patriots as well as the yearly Boston Marathon. Set off on a Boston City Break with Budget Travel USA.


4. Miami

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Aer Lingus launched their direct flights from Dublin to Miami in September 2017 and we couldn't be happier! Miami is the ideal spot to get some winter sun and, with Aer Lingus flying there three times weekly from Dublin, it's easier than ever to get to. There’s so much to see and do on a Miami holiday! Stop by South Beach to soak up some sun or do some people watching, take a tour of the Everglades, or visit Little Havana to see Miami’s Cuban neighbourhood. You can even embark on a Caribbean cruise after your direct flight to Miami. Make your way to Miami for some Winter Sun with Budget Travel USA.


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